English Bay Barge

Vancouver’s West End gets a new beach, thanks to a barge

This afternoon, the Vancouver Park Board unveiled a sign on the south-side of the West End to welcome the city’s latest attraction: Barge Chilling Beach.

The announcement was shared on social media that included the English Bay Barge with its very own official Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation sign post proudly declaring the shoreline Barge Chilling Beach.

The carmine-coloured vessel washed ashore on Sunset Beach during the devastating storm system that hammered southern British Columbia in mid-November 2021. Attempts to free the bulk carrier from its rocky perch have met without success and is likely to remain soaking up the love and attention from Vancouverites for the next few months.

Barge Chilling Park is reminiscent of similarly named Dude Chilling Park (previously known as Guelph Park) in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, a title stemmed from a public art installation of a reclining person. Dude Chilling Park received its own official mounted placard in 2014 following a prank that went viral.

English Bay Barge also has a vulgar, yet entertaining, account on Twitter.

Source: Twitter

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