Every so often, the header image on Nephrus used to rotate. Sometimes, the image selected was for a particular season, holiday or event. Other times, it’s a neat looking photograph that I’ve taken with my camera.

Today’s Image

Unfortunately, with the new layout, header images are a thing of the past, except on article pages which may or may not use any of photographs I’ve taken.

Previous Images

Here’s a sample of the header pictures that were displayed in the past.

Granville Island Public Market
The Public Market at Granville Island is always bustling; with something to see or do or eat, it’s far from routine!

Spring has arrived early to the Lower Mainland, and the trees are already blossoming with brilliant, delicate pink flowers.

Kirito and Asuna
Time for a break! Two cosplayers dressed as Kirito and Asuna (James and Jen) relax on the grass after a long day at San Japan in San Antonio, Texas.

RCMP Musical Ride
A blur of horses and riders forms up the beauty that is the RCMP Musical Ride at the PNE in 2010.

Vancouver glows
Looking north-east from Spanish Banks, Vancouver’s downtown skyscrapers glow during a cold New Year’s Day evening.

Stand-up Paddle Surfer
Here, a stand-up paddle surfer braves the waters of English Bay on a grey September morning.

Restored British Columbia Electric Railway #1207 waits patiently for passengers at the Granville Island Station on the Downtown Historic Railway.

Burrard Bridge
This image captures a sunset illuminating Vancouver’s west end and the Burrard Street Bridge on a warm fall evening.

Falling snow
Large flakes of snow fall in this picture and blanket two tall trees in this image.

Robson Street
A tangle of trolley wires frame a street sign over the intersection of Granville Street and Robson Street in Vancouver’s centre.

Water lily
This image is of a lone water lily floating in Stanley Park’s Beaver Lake.

Naruto cosplayers
A group of Naruto cosplayers pose for a photo at Sakura-Con 2012 in Seattle, Washington. This is the first image in the new design format.

Walt Disney World Monorail
A monorail wrapped as a promotional stunt for Tron: Legacy speeds through Walt Disney World in Florida.

Alamo door frame
The detailed carvings frame the front door to the Alamo chapel in San Antonio, Texas.

Canada Line map
A transit map helps passengers follow their route along the Canada Line.

Christmas lights
Christmas lights light up a faux-pine garland decorating a fireplace mantle during December.

A Naruto Uzumaki figurine poses in front of a row of manga on my bookshelf.

Coal Harbour
The skyscrapers of downtown Vancouver gleam over Coal Harbour during the summer.

A Mark II-series SkyTrain passes over the curve just west of the Main Street-Science World station in Vancouver.

Cloud Gate
Chicago’s skyline is reflected in Anish Kapoor’s sculpture, Cloud Gate, in Millennium Park.

Olympic Cauldron
During the 2010 Winter Olympic games, a shot of the cauldron in Jack Poole Plaza by the Vancouver Convention Centre was used.

Canada Place
This photograph is of Canada Place taken from the “prow” and looking southward towards the famous white sails.

Bright Nights in Stanley Park
Over Christmas, a photograph of two nutcrackers from Bright Nights in Stanley Park was used.

White Rock
A different point of view from the train tracks along White Rock’s promenade during a warm summer’s eve.

VW Beetle
A decked out Volkswagen Beetle covered in trinkets to show Canadian community spirit. It can be found around Vancouver, especially during the summer months.

Rail Map
One of the first photographs featured was that of the Chicago Transit Authority’s rail map as seen from inside a Brown Line train.