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This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day

Each May, the first Saturday of the month is designated as Free Comic Book Day, where local comic book stores will offer a selection of issues for fans to enjoy. This year, the event falls on Saturday, May 4th, 2024.

A rotating roster of colourful preview magazines (these aren’t actual full-fledged issues) entice young and old for classics like Spider-Man and The Avengers, manga from Japan, to works by independent artists and newcomers on the scene. Its great way to get into an old favourite or start something new.

As in previous years, there’s a few manga previews up for grabs on Saturday.

  • From Viz Manga: Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, written by Hidenori Kusaka, with illustrations by Satoshi Yamamoto; Splatoon 3: Splatlands, written and illustrated by Sankichi Hinodeya.
  • From Viz Manga: One Piece: Ace’s Story-The Manga: Experience, illustrated by Boichi, storyboards by Ryo Ishiyama, created by Eiichiro Oda; Status Royale written and illustrated by Ru Xu
  • From Kodansha: Initial D, written and illustrated by Shuichi Shigeno; Kaina of the Great Snow Sea, written by Tsutomu Nihei with illustrations by Itoe Takemoto.

For a complete list of available titles, free previews and participating store locations, check out the Free Comic Book Day web site.

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