Marvel's Secret Reverse

VIZ Media adds Marvel manga titles to its digital platform

Super hero fans can now read manga versions of their favourite Marvel Comics characters through the VIZ Manga digital service. Since 2022, VIZ Media and Marvel Comics have teamed up to bring some of their biggest characters into the world of manga with Deadpool: Samurai, Wolverine: Snikt!, Spider-Man: Fake Red, and Marvel’s Secret Reverse.

Additionally, US subscribers to VIZ Manga can take advantage of a special one-month free subscription to Marvel Unlimited, the comic giant’s digital service, to access Marvel Comics’ vast library. The same goes for Marvel Unlimited subscribers, where they will receive a code to VIZ Manga’s immense selection of over 10,000 chapters. The special offer ends Thursday, May 16th, 2024.

Deadpool: Samurai

Deadpool lands in Tokyo with a bang! What could possibly go wrong when Iron Man invites Deadpool to join the Avengers’ new Samurai Squad? After all, Deadpool is just in it for the money…and the trip to Japan. This is fine, right?

Wolverine: Snikt!

From renowned mangaka Tsutomu Nihei. WOLVERINE is the lone hope of the last remaining humans in a ruined dimension as they fight to survive against robotic organisms. Will he manage to save the day and keep his own humanity, or will he lose himself to the berserker rage deep inside him?

Spider-Man: Fake Red

Yu’s new high school is kind of awful. He’s failing his classes and striking out socially. Everything changes when he finds one of Spider-Man’s costumes abandoned in an alleyway. At first, it’s fun to put on the costume and play the hero, but when powerful enemies appear, Yu quickly realizes he’s out of his element. Still, with the real Spider-Man nowhere to be found, the city needs someone to save it…

Marvel’s Secret Reverse

In Yu-Gi-Oh! creator Kazuki Takahashi’s epic team-up between Iron Man and Spider-Man, Tony Stark travels to Japan to attend a gaming convention. Awaiting his arrival is Reijiro Kaioh, the CEO of a world-famous card game company. Kaioh plans to unveil an amazing new gaming machine, but the inventor and his device are not at all what they appear to be…

Spider-Man: Octo-Girl

After a battle with Spider-Man, the evil genius scientist Doctor Octopus falls into a coma. When he wakes up, his consciousness is in the body of Otoha Okutamiya, a middle school girl in Tokyo! Thus begins the strange school life of Spider-Man’s biggest rival…as a regular Japanese girl!

Arriving in Fall 2024.

X-Men: The Manga: Remastered

The much anticipated manga adaptation of the global sensation X-Men: The Animated Series. The classic manga adaptation, unavailable for years, now finally returns to print and will come to VIZ Manga’s digital service. Newly remastered and presented in a deluxe edition, the print and digital formats will be in high demand for all ultimate X-Men collectors.

Arriving in Fall 2024.

VIZ Manga is available on the web, along with Android and Apple iOS devices in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Marvel Unlimited is available on the web, along with Android and Apple iOS devices in North America. Both apps are free to download, but require payment to fully unlock all content and features.

Source: VIZ Media press release

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