Naruto run

Running like Naruto

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Masashi Kishimoto probably never imagined that how Naruto Uzumaki sprints during ninja missions would make it to international news. What started as a joke on a Facebook page has garnered global attention, especially from those wondering “what the hell is a Naruto run?”

Naruto mid-stride in his run as seen in the fourth opening of Naruto Shippuden.

First and foremost, the concept behind the “Naruto run” is really quite simple: lean your upper-body forwards, stretch your arms back horizontally and run like mad like the screenshot above. This style comes from the anime series Naruto and Naruto Shippuden where the characters are able to cover great distances using this method. While they can also sprint normally, the “Naruto run” has turned into an online sensation, spurring memes and of course, the supposed convergence on Area 51 in Nevada.

As with anything these days on the Internet, there’s videos and theories debunking if the “Naruto run” is improves speed (it really doesn’t) to those who point out it’s silly and dumb (debatable).

Just two years ago, Naruto fans created Facebook events advertising mini-races using this method and some had decent turnouts of dozens people, a few of which appeared wearing their favourite ninja outfits and accessories, to have fun. One was held in Vancouver in late August 2017 to race along the famed seawall. Most only participated a short distance, while some allegedly completed the full length of the seaside path.

So, is the “Naruto run” just a method to cut back on animation costs or a really clever move unique to the Naruto universe? I’ll leave that up to you to decide.


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