Ways to support British Columbians affected by the floods

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Earlier this week, the eastern Fraser Valley and portions of the interior of our province were inundated by rain causing severe flooding that damaged infrastructure, forced people from their homes and businesses and ruined swaths of agricultural land.

British Columbians, along with our neighbours to the east and south of us, have reached out to offer assistance to those impacted by the floods and landslides. Here’s a few ways to provide a helping hand:

The Canadian Red Cross is accepting donations, with five percent of funds received being used towards administrative costs.

Three draws of the Vancouver Canucks 50/50 on November 17th, 19th and 21st will see proceeds donated towards relief efforts.

Many farms in the eastern Fraser Valley were affected and the BC SPCA is accepting donations to help look after farm animals and pets.

A list of verified GoFundMe campaigns are available to donate to individual families and groups.

The local Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen is providing free meals and food items to impacted people in the flood zones and have chartered a helicopter to get around blocked highways to distribute the meals.

Be mindful when donating to individual fundraisers as there may be people looking to take advantage of the public’s generosity.

Multiple roads and highways are still unpassable and officials are asking people to avoid travelling while crews work around the clock to reopen them. Updates on road conditions are available on Twitter from @TranBC and @DriveBC.

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