Crunchyroll x Duolingo

Crunchyroll powers up Duolingo with hit anime phrases

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Watching anime opens fans up to the Japanese language, giving streaming service Crunchyroll an opportunity to partner with translation app Duolingo. This collaboration coincides upon the sixth anniversary of the Japanese language course on Duolingo, adding some 50 popular phrases from anime.

Crunchyroll subscribers can take advantage of this partnership with Duolingo: premium subscribers are eligible for a two-month trial of the ad-free Super Duolingo, while free subscribers will get only one-month. Conversely, Duolingo users can grab a single-month of Crunchyroll’s Mega Fan package, giving them ad-free access to over 18,000 hours of anime.

Crunchyroll x Duolingo
You thought it was Dio, but it was me, Duolingo! Courtesy of Crunchyroll.

Additionally, Crunchyroll is offering a selection of shows that use language perfect for those looking to start their Japanese learning adventure: Bananya, Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club, Laid-Back Camp, and Nichijou – My Ordinary Life

Duolingo is a widely used platform to pick up a new langauge, using a words and phrases as a game. There are 41 languages available across 100 courses. In a release from Crunchyroll, Japanese is the fifth most popular language to study globally, with 86 per cent of them under the age of 30, of which 70 per cent are between ages 13 and 22.

Crunchyroll’s immense streaming library contains 44,000 episodes that are available subtitled and dubbed in English, Spanish (Latin American and Castilian), Portuguese, French, Russian, German, Arabic, Italian, and Japanese; Hindi, Italian and Castilian Spanish dubs were added this year.

Source: Crunchyroll press release

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