Cover artwork for Boruto manga restart revealed

Boruto resumes serialization with Boruto -Two Blue Vortex- in the October edition of Shueisha’s V Jump magazine which goes on sale in Japan on August 21st, 2023. Prior to the publication, artwork of a time-skip Boruto Uzumaki was shared on social media.

Boruto, now appearing much older, is shown in a seated position wearing what resembles Sasuke’s cloak, and with Sasuke’s sword in hand.

Boruto Uzumaki as he appears in Boruto -Two Blue Vortex-. Image from @NARUTO_info_en on Twitter.

In Japan, fans can read Boruto -Two Blue Vortex- through Shonen Jump Plus or Zebrack Comics, both from Shueisha, as stated on Twitter. For North American fans, Viz Media will have the latest chapters on their web site.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the follow-up to Masashi Kishimoto’s popular Naruto manga. Illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto and originally written by Ukyo Kodachi and now Masashi Kishimoto, documents the journey of Naruto’s son in his adventures in becoming a shinobi. Boruto -Two Blue Vortex- is part two of the advancing storyline.

In North America, the English-translated versions of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations are published in print and digital formats by Viz Media.

Source: Twitter

©2016 by Masashi Kishimoto,Mikio Ikemoto / SHUEISHA Inc.


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