BC Ferries - New Major Vessels Program

BC Ferries provides first look at new major vessels

A conceptual render for a new vessel class to replace some of BC Ferries‘ aging fleet were released by the transportation agency today in advance of the bidding process starting later this year.

This new class will replace six current vessels nearing the end of their lifespan servicing routes between Metro Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast — MV Queen of New Westminster, MV Queen of Alberni, MV Queen of Coquitlam, MV Queen of Cowichan, MV Queen of Oak Bay, and MV Queen of Surrey — with the first of seven ships expected to arrive in 2029.

The renders are far from the final plans, but do offer an idea into what BC Ferries is looking to have built. The ferries appear to be double-ended, keeping the style used by the Coastal Class and soon-to-be-retired C Class ferries, with two vehicle and three passenger decks, two casings with four exhaust stacks, four Zodiac boats (two per side) and two variable pitch propellers.

According to BC Ferries, the new vessels have a capacity of 360 cars with 2,100 passengers, feature a standardized design for flexibility when serving on multiple routes, and powered by engines supporting renewable fuel sources, including a future transition to battery-electric operation. The designs for the ships were crafted in partnership with Norwegian naval architect firm LMG Marin AS.

Construction has not yet begun the unnamed class of vessels, as BC Ferries is looking for qualified shipyards to participate in the Request for Proposal process which is scheduled later this summer.

Source: BC Ferries press release

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