HIDIVE revamps app and website, with additional improvements coming

Anime streaming service HIDIVE has updated the look and feel of their mobile app and website. Subscribers will find a number of changes that will enhance their viewing of a favourite or when searching for something new to enjoy.

HIDIVE app and website update
HIDIVE now offers a smoother web and app experience. Image from HIDIVE.

The HIDIVE app now supports offline viewing, allowing downloads when there’s no internet connectivity. Customized watchlists allows subscribers to create their own playlist based on theme, mood or whatever of their own choosing. An update to the watch history will allow subscribers revisit previously viewed episodes and when they were last played. Unsure of what to get the anime fan? HIDIVE now offers digital gift cards, perfect for someone without an account to watch shows on the platform.

Additional features are on the way which HIDIVE will announce in the coming weeks, including improvements to the search function, subtitles and profile options, as well as supported television platforms.

HIDIVE is available on Amazon Prime, Android devices, Android TV, Apple iOS devices, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, and Xbox.

Source: HIDIVE


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