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Prepare to pay more for the PS5 in Canada

If you’re looking to purchase an elusive PS5 console in Canada, you’ll likely need to save up a little more money before getting your hands on one. Sony has announced they are raising the prices of their flagship console in multiple regions around the world.

A post made on PlayStation.Blog explained that the increase in cost is a result of global inflation. Gamers in Canada, Europe, the UK, Japan, China, Australia, and Mexico who are in the market for either PS5 model will see a jump in retail price of the console. It appears at this time that the US market is unaffected by these changes.

For us here in Canada, the PS5 with Blu-ray drive has a suggested price of $649.99 CAD up from $629.99 CAD, while the digital only version is slightly cheaper at $519.99 CAD which originally went for $499.99 CAD. While it’s only a $20 increase, there’s also the taxes and environmental handling fees (EHF) to factor in, adding to the final amount.

Europeans on the continent will fork over €549.99 EUR for the model with the Blu-ray drive, while the digital edition jumps to €449.99 EUR — those in the UK can pick up the console for €549.99 GBP or the digital only for €449.99 GBP. In Mexico, the Blu-ray edition climbs to $14,999 MXN and the digital edition following to $12,499 MXN.

Comparatively, Microsoft and Nintendo are not planning to follow in Sony’s footsteps. Video game site Kotaku reached out to Microsoft and was told there were no intentions of an increase to the Xbox Series X or S consoles. In an interview with the financial news website Nikkei Asia, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa says the company is not looking at raising the price of the Switch console family despite higher production and transportation costs.

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