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BC Ferries unveils new mobile app for booking travel

Today, BC Ferries has announced a mobile app for customers to create and manage their travel while on the go, save their preferences, and stay up to date on sailing conditions.

Customers with an existing account on the BC Ferries website can login to the app and take advantage of multiple features to save their frequently used routes (number of passengers, vehicle size, departing and destination terminals), check if their ferry is on time, manage their reservations, receive push alerts on their device, and quickly access reservation barcodes to when arriving at the terminal.

However, a number of functions are still only managed through the BC Ferries website including managing account holder details (e.g. email address, password changes), fare information (fees, calculator, gift certificates), travel tips, and vacation deals. Links to these features exist in the app and will redirect to a browser session when selected.

Given that this is the initial release of the app, its expected these functions will eventually integrate fully into the app as the company receives feedback and as digital trends dictate.

According to a press release by the company, some three million bookings were made on the BC Ferries website in 2022.

The app, simply called BC Ferries, is available on both Google Play and Apple App Store.

Source: BC Ferries press release


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