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My Hero Academia manga on pause due to creator’s health

Work on the manga My Hero Academia is again paused for two weeks due to the health of creator Kohei Horikoshi, according to a notice posted on Twitter.

Translated, the notice thanks readers for their support and that My Hero Academia, which was scheduled for the Weekly Shonen Jump No. 15 edition on March 13th will be on hiatus due the creator’s poor health. The manga will continue in Weekly Shonen Jump No. 17, which goes on sale on March 27th, 2023.

In February, work on the manga stopped for another two week period, where a notice posted to Twitter advised readers that My Hero Academia would not appear in the February 6th Weekly Shonen Jump No. 10 resulting from Horikoshi’s poor health. The manga would resume with Weekly Shonen Jump No. 12 on February 20th, 2023.

Japan’s manga industry is notoriously stressful on artists, writers and their assistants, where demanding deadlines, long hours, and heavy workloads force them to take breaks to deal with burnout and other health concerns.

Sources: Twitter

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