Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World - Season 3

Re:Zero returns for a third season; new video and artwork revealed

A third season of the anime Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World– was announced, with promotional artwork and a teaser shared on social media.

Translated, the tweet announces a third season has begun production with a teaser visual and video revealed, but does not offer a date when these new episodes will air.

Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World - Season 3
Promotional artwork for season three of Re:Zero -Starting Life In Another World-. Image from @Rezero_official on Twitter.

Subaru Natsuki, an unemployed teenager, is mysteriously whisked into Lugunica. There, he encounters Emilia, a half-elf whom is destined to be the next ruler of the kingdom. Trapped in Lugunica, he becomes Emilia’s knight and bestowed the unique power of rebirth after being killed. Together, Subaru and Emilia embark on adventures that take them throughout this fantasy world that sees Subaru placed in deadly scenarios.

Begun in 2012, Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World– is a series of light novels by Tappei Nagatsuki that have been adapted into manga and anime. In North America, Yen Press publishes the novels and manga, while Crunchyroll streams the anime in subbed and dubbed formats.

Source: Twitter

© Tappei Nagatsuki, published by KADOKAWA Co., Ltd./Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World 3 Production Committee


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