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chilldspot release music video to mark completion of Saturn Return

Japanese band chilldspot have shared a music video that was created to commemorate the completion of the manga Saturn Return by Akane Torikai and published by Shogakukuan’s Big Comic Spirits imprint.

Titled “HIRUNE NO KUNI” (The Land of Naps) utilizes illustrations by Torikai, blending it with chilldspot’s unique melody. Readers of Saturn Return will recognize the lyrics crafted to reflect the manga’s story and give greater depth to the song.

chilldspot - "HIRUNE NO KUNI"

“HIRUNE NO KUNI” is available on multiple streaming services, including Apple Music, YouTube, iTunes and TikTok.

chilldspot was formed in 2019 and released their first EP the youth night in 2020. The band is lead by vocalist and guitarist Hiyune; all band members are from the Tokyo area.

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