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Read manga on the go with a new app from Viz Media

North American distributor of anime and manga Viz Media has unveiled a new mobile app simply titled Viz Manga which brings the latest English-translated chapters the same day they appear in Japan.

While the Viz Manga app is free to download, with current chapters free to read; a paid subscription of $1.99 per month is necessary to unlock an immense library of over 10,000 chapters. An account is required for payment, to save settings and synchronize across multiple devices; content is still free outside of a login.

Each manga reads in the right-to-left format, so remember to always swipe right for the next page.

Inside, fans will find new and classic manga to enjoy — popular series including Komi Can’t Communicate, Inuyasha, and Uzumaki among others. New content is added weekly, within hours of it appearing in Japan.

The Viz Manga app compliments the Shonen Jump app, which emulates the hit Japanese publication, home to One Piece, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Super and more, but at a dollar more per month ($2.99).

Viz Manga is available on both Android and Apple iOS devices only in Canada and the United States for the time being; additional countries are planned for a later release.

Source: Viz Media


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