The Boy and the Heron

Studio Ghibli’s The Boy and the Heron arrives in Canadian theatres on December 8

At long last, fans are getting their first look at the trailer for Studio Ghibli’s upcoming release, The Boy and The Heron, which opens in theatres across Canada and the United States on December 8th, 2023.

Prior to the Japanese premiere on July 14th, 2023, How Do You Live?, as it is titled in the island nation, had no promotional material distributed save for a coloured sketch of a heron. Even though the film’s advertising was limited to word of mouth and internet posts, it opened relatively well, as expected for a creation by Hayao Miyazaki.

The Boy and the Heron
The only poster shared for The Boy and the Heron. Image courtesy of GKIDS.

Miyazaki served as director and writer for the The Boy and The Heron, with Toshio Suzuki as producer, and music by composer Joe Hisaishi. Kenshi Yonezu’s “Spinning Globe” was chosen as the movie’s theme song and is now streaming on multiple services.

GIKDS Films is managing the North American distribution of the The Boy and The Heron, where Cineplex, Landmark Cinemas and Cinémas Guzzo locations throughout Canada will carry the animated feature in both its original Japanese audio with English subtitles and an English language dub. It also will appear in large format IMAX.

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