Crunchyroll Presents: The Anime Effect

Crunchyroll to launch new weekly podcast for anime fans

Tune in weekly to Crunchyroll Presents: The Anime Effect, a new English language roundtable podcast that dives deeper into anime’s global impact on culture.

Created in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment, three of Crunchyroll’s very own — Nicholas Friedman, LeAlec Murray, and Leah President — will discuss everything anime, from what’s trending, suggested watching, to submitted questions from listeners. Special guests will also join in on the roundtable, providing their own insight on the world of Japanese animation.

Crunchyroll Presents: The Anime Effect
Hosts (left-to-right) Nicholas Friedman, Leah President, and LeAlec Murray. Image courtesy of Crunchyroll.

Nicholas’ role at Crunchyroll has him front and centre to all things news as he updates their website; LeAlec is veteran podcaster and works as the streaming services’ brand manager; Leah, a partnerships manager, is a longtime writer/editor and broadcast producer, rounds out the trio tackling trending topics in anime.

Crunchyroll Presents: The Anime Effect begins on Friday, February 16th, 2024, with new episodes weekly thereafter on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other major services, including video on both Crunchyroll and YouTube.

Source: Crunchyroll press release


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