Crunchyroll and LG

Crunchyroll now available on LG Smart televisions in Canada

Anime fans with LG Smart TVs will find their favourite shows more accessible with the arrival of the Crunchyroll app in Canada and around the world.

LG is the second display manufacturer to support the streaming service, following Samsung which was announced earlier this month. This opens up Crunchyroll’s immense library of 46,000 episodes and movies alongside 3,300 Japanese music videos and concerts, subbed and dubbed across 12-plus languages including English, French, Latin American and Castilian Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Arabic, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil, to a wider audience.

LG TVs that are from 2018 and newer running webOS 4.0 can support the app; just search for “Crunchyroll” under TV Apps.

Source: Crunchyroll press release

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