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RuriDragon manga returns to Weekly Shonen Jump after hiatus

After a near two year hiatus, RuriDragon by Masaoki Shindo is coming back to the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump according to the author’s account on Twitter/X.

The next five chapters will appear in Weekly Shonen Jump, beginning with chapter seven in issue 14 on March 4th, 2024, followed by chapter eight in issue 15 on March 11th, chapter nine in issue 16 on March 18th, chapter ten in issue 17 on March 25th, and chapter 11 in issue 18 on April 1st.

Then, on April 22nd, new chapters will be published bi-weekly in the digital edition of Weekly Shonen Jump and on Shonen Jump+.

Shindo took a leave of absence in August 2022 to address unspecified health concerns. The anime and manga industry in Japan is well documented as stressful on creators, editors and other staff resulting in extended delays and project cancellations.

Ruri Aoki is just like any other young girl, except that she wakes up one morning with a pair of dragon’s horns on her head! Once boring days at school have turned Ruri into the centre of attention as she struggles to understand why she’s half-human half-dragon!

RuriDragon initially appeared as a one-shot in Shueisha’s Jump Giga magazine, then began serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump No. 26 on June 13th, 2022.

In North America, RuriDragon is available translated in English by Viz Media.

Source: Twitter/X

© Masaoki Shindo/Shueisha


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