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J-pop artist’s song to honour Blue Exorcist anime released

With the upcoming season of Blue Exorcist scheduled for January 6th, 2024, a new song and music video titled “precious” by Japanese pop singer manaco is available.

Blue Exorcist is manaco’s favourite anime as she closely identifies with Izumo Kamiki, a character in the series created by Kazue Kato. With lyrics crafted by the singer, she selected them based on Izumo’s lonliness and her challenges to overcome these obstacles, utilizing elements and themes from the anime.

Directed by Eri Yoshikawa, fans watching the “precious” music video will pick up on references seen in Blue Exorcist (namely the True Cross school uniform worn by Izumo)

“I felt as if Kamiki Izumo, who appears in this song, resembled me in some respects and there were lots of areas in which I could relate to her, so I could compose the lyrics quite easily”

– manaco
Japanese pop singer manaco. Image courtesy of Japanese Culture PR.

manaco made her debut in 2012 at age 16 when she joined the idol group DANCEROID appearing in videos uploaded to Nico Nico Douga until they disbanded. After a brief stint as the vocalist for Q’ulle, manaco went solo with her first album On Blue in 2019. Since 2020, she has expanded her work as an actress across multiple media formats.

Source: Japanese Culture PR press release


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