Sokoninaru asks fans to create instrumental version of their latest song

Japanese rock band Sokoninaru is holding a challenge for musicians around the world to compose an instrumental version of their latest release “Haikei Reimei Wo Shitte.”

The band, which saw their song “Soumonka” selected as the opening to The Witch and the Beast, has shared videos to YouTube separating the guitar, bass and drum portions. The idea is to see what creations others can come up with, trying the song on different instruments and posting their results to social media under the hashtag #sokoninaru_hiitemina. The band will watch each submission that is uploaded using the aforementioned hashtag.

“Haikei Reimei Wo Shitte” will appear on Sokoninaru’s second studio album Kaigan Syoumei, which goes on sale July 24th, 2024. It is currently streaming on popular platforms including Spotify, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music.

Sokoninaru is Misaki Fujiwara, Juko Suzuki, and Syouto Saito. Image courtesy of Japanese Culture PR Team.

Sokoninaru was formed in Osaka back in 2011 and consists of guitarist and vocalist Juko Suzuki, bassist and vocalist Misaki Fujiwara, and drummer and vocalist Syouto Saito. Their first EP, I’m NOT a pirolian, was released in 2015; the band has toured Asia and Europe, leading to a boost in global exposure, with their music being streamed over two million times.

Source: Japanese Culture PR Team


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