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Viz Media reveals Spring 2025 manga line-up

On Friday morning, VIZ Media shared a series of announcements on Twitter/X for new titles acquired that expected to become available in the spring of 2025, including digital-only titles slated for a fall 2024 release.

Print titles

Vagabond Definitive Edition

by Takehiko Inoue

Contains the first three volumes of the legendary life of swordsman Musashi Miyamoto.

Beyblade X

written by Homura Kawamoto and Hikaru Muno, illustrated by Posuka Demizu

Robin Kazami first loses an important game, then is ejected from his own team! Despite the bad luck, things are looking up for Robin as former champion Jaxon Cross bumps into him. Together, the form a new team to take on the reigning champ…

Four Lives Remain: Tatsuya Endo Before SPY×FAMILY

by Tatsuya Endo

A collection of one shots from SPY×FAMILY creator Tatsuya Endo.

A Star Brighter Than the Sun

by Kazune Kawahara

Sae and Koki are complete opposites in ability and appearance. After drifting apart, they reunite in high school, only to find they both have grown up!

Mujina into the Deep

by Inio Asano

What is life without human rights? In a world where these are for sale, without them, life has no meaning.

My Neighbor Totoro: The Official Cookbook

by Studio Ghibli

Cook all the delightful treats from the Studio Ghibli film My Neighbor Totoro in this full-colour cookbook.

Spirited Away

by Hayao Miyazaki

A comic made from scenes of the hit 2001 Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away.

Pinky Candy Kiss

by Ami Uozumi

Takara held a crush on Ema in middle school, then, 20 years later, encounters her again. Despite Ema being married, Takara tries to find happiness with Ema…

My Love Story!! volume 14

written by Kazune Kawahara, illustrated by Aruko

Takeo Goda is not your average high school student. His size and frame often put him at odds with the women he’s trying to date instead choose his friend Makoto Sunakawa. Things change when Takeo helps out Rinko Yamato and she falls in love with him.

The Liminal Zone volume 2

by Junji Ito

An eerie collection of short stories by Junji Ito, exploring what comes after death.

Tokyo Alien Bros.

by Keigo Shinzo

Sent on a mission to Earth, two aliens land in Tokyo and disguse themselves as local residents. Integrating with the chaotic life of the big city, the two find their mission is not as easy as planned.


by Satoru Noda

A family tragedy leaves figure skater Shirakawa Rou unable to compete in the sport. Instead of hanging up his skates, he makes the switch to hockey and navigate the fast-paced on ice action.


by Yoshihiro Togashi

An omnibus endition combining three volumes in one of Gon’s quest to find his father, a journey that leads him right up to the Hunter Exam.

One Piece: Heroines

written by Jun Esaka, illustrated by Sayaka Suwa

Follow Nami, Robin, Vivi and Perona on their own individual adventures in this collection of short stories.

Firefly Wedding

by Oreco Tachibana

It’s a match not made in heaven. Satoko is supposed to marry into a wealthy family, but due to an assassin prowling about, she has to make a decision to save her own life…

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex

written by Masashi Kishimoto, illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto

Konoha is under attack and its fate lies in Boruto’s hands.

Dr. Mashirito’s Ultimate Manga Techniques

written by Kazuhiko Torishima and Takanaka Shimotsuki

Former Weekly Shonen Jump editor Kazuhiko Torishima provides insight into what makes a great manga through tips, interviews and more!

The Climber

written by Yoshio Nabeta and Hiroshi Takano, illustrated by Shin’ichi Sakamoto

Buntaro Mori deals with his lonliness in an unusual manner: he climbs. But, he doesn’t stop there. Sucked in with the adrenaline, Mori takes on new challenges to reach greater heights…

Kaiju No. 8 B-Side

written by Naoya Matsumoto and Keiji Ando, illustrated by Kentaro Hidano

Delve into more of the backstories of characters from Hoshina to Kikoru and learn about their struggles and how they came to be.


by Masaoki Shindo

Ruri Aoki is just like any other young girl, except that she wakes up one morning with a pair of dragon’s horns on her head!

Minecraft: The Manga

by Kazuyoshi Seto

Nico sets out on an adventure to prove his strength, but will he have what’s needed to take out an army of zombies?

Digital exclusive titles

Shojo Null

written by Kanae Nakanishi, illstrated by Akima

Robots called Gijin have made life in the 23rd century good, but things start to change when they start thinking on their own…

Ginka & Glüna

by Shinpei Watanabe

Glüna lives alone until a snowman named Ginka shows up at her door. Ginka is intent to show Glüna more of the world and help hone her magic abilities.

Do Retry

by Jun Kirarazaka

Left homeless by the war, Aozora Okami does it what takes to protect his little sister, even if it means joining a boxing league run by the local yakuza…

Wild Strawberry

by Ire Yonemoto

A parasite called Jinka mutates humans into plant-like creatures whose only role is to feast on other uninfected humas. Kingo and Kayano are struggling to survive, untile Kayano falls prey to the Jinka parasite…

Ichigoki’s Under Control!!

by Seiji Hayashi

A visit to the local zoo sees Kai Ichigoki killed by gorilla. Kai is revived, but only as a mecha, piloted by his pal Misao Chiisaki!

Doron Dororon

by Gen Oosuka

Dora Sasaki strives to be a samurai, despite not having the energy for it. When the spirit Doron Dororon happens upon Sasaki, he’s given the opportunity to make his dream become true.

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